Christmas music is a unique genre. Your favorite pop artist may have released a holiday album but ultimately, it’s a hard season to make new songs that become classics (have to salute Mariah here though). So, a majority of the time, the track listing is re-makes of old classics. But, you know what takes something old and re invents it? Hip hop. So why not a holiday album, primarily surrounded by drops and breaks – that also stays in the christmas spirit? I personally love the holidays. With a new project in the making and still enjoying the success of ‘between the lines’ I didn’t want anyone that follows my career to think that I’d forgotten christmas this year. This EP is inspired by holiday feelings and good vibes. From start to finish, you should just be having a good time to this one. Stockings, trees, family and fun. If you’re drinking egg nog with loved ones and dancing under mistletoe, this one’s for you. Have fun and – of course, in the christmas spirit, it’s free ???