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Niko Atari is what you get when you cross an old keyboard, your favorite aunt’s cassette tape collection and a beat machine. As Fresh Fuzion’s newest musical artist, Niko is hitting the underground hard to inspire those of you with an eclectic taste in music.



80s synth-noir band and analog aficionados, SKY CITY SKI CLUB, are here to show you how to party like a young Molly Ringwald. This is what happens when trip-hop and shoegaze music meets all things retro.



Show the skeptics that indie is the new mainstream. Discover new and obscure underground music from exciting and creative artists. Listen to a wide-range of genres including hip-hop, synth pop, experimental, lo-fi and rock to name a few.



Grab the popcorn, a large soda and recline on your favorite sofa. Fresh Fuzion’s in-house team of videographers and creators have worked tirelessly to bring you fun interviews, outrageous music videos and more for your binging pleasure!


Fresh Fuzion is a multimedia company bridging the gap between technology and the arts. We curate video and audio content, including music videos, documentaries, podcasts and interviews for our mobile and online platforms.


Innovation & Creativity.

The Fresh Fuzion Factory, our office and studio located in Hoboken, is the creative home to over a dozen artists, musicians and creators. At the Fresh Fuzion Factory we produce video, art and music content to give away free to our growing fanbase.

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